NBC offers an advanced Enzymatic Enhancing additive that is a proven Recyclable and Biodegradable technology. These additives enhance the biodegradability of plastics while maintaining their ability to still be recycled in standard recycling streams.


New Bio-recyclable Co. (NBC LLC) Distributes game changing technologies when it comes to the recyclable biodegradable plastics sector.

With the development of these additives we can literally make all plastics biodegradable.

While still ensuring the products are 100% RECYCLABLE, 100% REUSABLE with no affect to the shelf life or properties of the product.

This technology has been tried, tested and proven to work by ASTM and ISO accredited labs around the world.


Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. About 12% has been incinerated, while the rest — 79% — has accumulated in landfills, dumps or the natural environment.



New Bio-recyclable Co. (NBC) is a distributor of Enzymatic enhancing technology. An economical, organic additive that attracts microorganisms to polymer products. These organism attached themselves to the surface of the plastic and secrete enzymes which break down large polymers into monomers and oligomers. (Depolymerization and mineralization) This massively accelerates the natural biodegradation process of plastics and rubbers. This happens in microbial rich environments like landfills, marine and soil environments. Yet maintains the shelf life and ensures the plastics are still 100% recyclable. Our treated products are not “bio-plastics” but still normal reusable polymer products.


ASTM Certified Biodegradable

NBC LLC is dedicated to helping the environment by supplying  an ADVANCED PLASTIC ADDITIVE that has been independently ASTM tested.
We can prove our products biodegrade in Aerobic, Anaerobic and Marine environments as well as being non toxic.
Any plastic producer or convertor that adopts our technology will comply with the follow International recognised ASTM/ISO Standards for Biodegradation.

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